Feedback/Proposal: How to improve the UX/UI for the Confirm New Device screen + Identity Management screen

hey there core team devs :slight_smile:

I’m blown away by everything IC! While I still have many unanswered questions and am still connecting the dots, I can clearly envision what a breathtaking, exciting, and gigantic new world the IC will become and enable.

Feedback Request/Proposal #1: Confirm New Device screen
As a user who needs to confirm a new device on a device that’s already confirmed and added, I want to see some basic info about the new device that I need to confirm.

Longer version:

MacBook Prio: I registered my 1st device (Macbook Pro) on I received my User Number.
iPhone: Then I visited on my iPhone and wanted to add a new device to my existing User Number. I received the confirmation URL that I need to open on an already registered device (MacBook Pro)
MacBook Pro: I open the confirmation URL. I see this Confirm New Device screen.

On this screen, I wish I could see some more info about the device that’s trying to register using my User Number (i.e. os, browser, IP, location, etc) so that I really 100% that I’m adding the correct device :slight_smile:

Feedback Request/Proposal #2: Identity Management screen
As a logged-in user, I want to see the past activity (history) of logins through my devices and User Number, and some basic info

Datetime, Device Name, OS, Browser, IP, Location



Hi @klemen.struc

Welcome, and thanks for the detailed feedback! I will pass it along to the team. Please keep the feedback coming!

We had many discussions about this, and we’re still evaluating and thinking about how to streamline the “Add device” process.
One thing you have to consider is that all that extra information you’d be displaying on the “Add device” page would be controlled by the person sending the link, so the extra information might give you a false sense of security and even make it easier for someone to convince you that their phishing link is valid.

Thank you very much for your feedback in general, it’s early days for Internet Identity and we’re stoked about all the responses and input we’re getting.