Fedora 39 Problem, cannot access cannisters

Hello I’m sort of new with ICP.

I actually managed to develop something for a hackathon, some local cannisters which were running on wsl2 on a windows partition on my computer. I have been using Fedora for quite a while now but when I first started with local development, I had not been able to do any get or posts towards my backend canister and just doing a normal get onto the specific endpoint on the cannister running express with Azle it never went through.

On Ubuntu running on wsl i found a similar issue where i had to add the whole generated url on within the hosts file for a NestJs service to be actually able to find the hostname.

Now, I’ve added the hostname to on the hosts file here in my fedora installation and it doesn’t work. It cannot get the frontend’s cannister through the URL and it cannot find the backend either.