Failed to create canister and lost icp

Hi, I was following the tutorial but failed with the following error (http2). I believe the canister is created but don’t know how to check. Can anyone help me find my canister? Thanks.

dfx 0.8.3

> dfx ledger --network ic balance                                                                                                                                           
1.00000000 ICP
> dfx ledger --network ic create-canister 343qk-4tnmp-pwgxm-kcboe-hlr7e-dglu2-wmr2t-drab5-2avlk-ueqof-3ae --amount 0.25 
Transfer sent at BlockHeight: 1262333
An error happened during communication with the replica: error sending request for url ( http2 error: protocol error: not a result of an error
> dfx ledger --network ic balance                                                                                                                               
0.74980000 ICP

you got your icp back