Factland tokenomics coming soon, we need the community's input to make it happen

Exciting news! The Factland Team is preparing to post a first draft of our tokenomics for community input. That means you!

Before we lay out what we have in mind so far, it would be great to hear from everyone on what their favorite token models are – what works, what doesn’t work, new ideas you’ve seen in the wild …

While we’ve been thinking about this from the beginning, we’re obviously taking it slow in order to get it right. We’re pumped to finally be opening up the thinking to community and have some productive discussions. We could also use some help with the particulars of ICP dynamics and SNS, tbh.

One thing we’re interested in exploring is having a separate token for governance that can’t be traded or bought. So the FACT token would just be used to stake on claims, reward participants, and perhaps purchase services from the Factland business further down the line. Governance tokens (GFACT?) would be earned through community nominations and peer voting, kind of like a Coordinape system.

That said, we know that the best ideas for Factland are not always going to come from us. So let’s hear it … what are you hoping to see from a FACT token?


Hi @kaxline,

I think conceptually it is possible to have more than one token, but note that this is not built-in to the SNS and might add complexity. Some initial thought I have about aspect that might be good to consider:

  • If you are thinking about an SNS, then I assume that the ledger that is built into the SNS would be the governance token?
  • How would the “community nominations and peer voting” work in this case?
  • If you launch an SNS, then participation is open to everyone. Would this go against this idea?
  • How would the non-governance token be implemented? How would the ledger canister of this token be controlled and upgraded?

We could also use some help with the particulars of ICP dynamics and SNS, tbh.

Happy to help with this if you have more concrete questions.
Note that if you have technical SNS-specific question you are also very welcome to join our SNS office hours to discuss this in more detail!


Hi lara! Great to hear from you.

We’ll actually be posting a doc that answers all those questions in the coming weeks, we just wanted to give everyone a heads-up to see if there were interesting ideas that could come from the community without being influenced by our plan.

We’d definitely love to reach out once the doc is out there so we can get detailed about ways it could work better, or any flaws in our design.

In the meantime, if you or anyone else has any particular examples of tokenomics docs that you like, or design patterns that you’ve seen be successful, that would help. We want the doc to have all the details but also be accessible.

Thank you!

Hello @kaxline, projects that are interested in launching an SNS post a forum thread with a title that starts with Upcoming [Project Name] SNS decentralization sale under the SNS tag that should provide all of the information in an SNS checklist.

A few examples include:

  1. Modclub. Tokeonomics

  2. BoomDAO. Tokenomics

Of course, each project is different. We highly suggest that you thoroughly research the best tokenomics approaches for your community.

Having two tokens makes some sense.

1/ Not all users will be interested in governance activities.
2/ Separating the gov token from payments may reduce conflict with regulatory bodies - but may not!
3/ Having a separate payment token may enable additional fundraising opportunities.

Am not a lawyer (!), but have been thinking about this stuff a lot lately.

Looking forward to learning more!

Tokenomics depend a lot on how the app is gonna work.

How is the fact checking going to work? Who says what is true and what isn’t, and how will that be handled?

I’d say: start with solving those things first. tokenomics should probably come last.

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