Error: Failed to get frontend address

Hey Good People :wave:t4:
I’m following a Bootcamp Course on IC :star_struck:
I’m getting this error:

Error: Failed to get frontend address.

I hope these help:

I did deploy with arguments.

Using port 8000
Screenshot 2022-08-20 at 14.48.58

Thank you in advance :clap:t4:

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Change webpack file to use instead of local host

Hey and thank you @cryptoisgood :wave:t4:
I made the change but the issue persists.

Updated target on webpack:

I changed the Port to 8001 :sweat_smile:
It works past that step :face_with_peeking_eye:

Thank you :wave:t4:


I ran into this a lot recently and sure enough changing the port temporarily fixes the issue but doesn’t address the root cause, which is that a previous instance of your app (or some other process) is still running on port 8000.

To find the process (for Mac/*nix users) run:

lsof -i tcp:8000

…that will get the pid of the running process, then kill it with:

kill <processPid>