Error exchanging ICP for cycles

After all, not all issues have been resolved by me.
Error exchanging ICP for cycles. The transaction is stuck. I must say right away I tried to solve the problem myself for a long time.Below in details.
Coinage code:

    public shared({caller}) func minting_cycles_this_canister(
            icp_amount: Nat) : async (TransferResult, NotifyTopUpResult){
                return await mctc(caller, icp_amount);
    public shared({caller}) func mctc(
            user_caller: Principal,
            icp_amount: Nat) : async (TransferResult, NotifyTopUpResult){
        var amount = Nat64.fromNat(icp_amount);
        assert(amount > (Const.transfer_icp_fee + 100_000));
        var transfer_res: TransferResult = #Err(#TxCreatedInFuture);
        var transform_notify_res: NotifyTopUpResult = #Err(#InvalidTransaction(""));
        let time = { timestamp_nanos = Nat64.fromNat(Int.abs( };
        let amount_res = { e8s = amount - (Const.transfer_icp_fee + 100_000)};
        let coinage: Principal = Principal.fromText(Const.canister_nns_cycles_minting);
        let subaccount: SubAccount = Tools.principalToAccount(caller, null);
        let to_cycles = Tools.accountIdentifier(coinage, subaccount);
             transfer_res := await public_ledger.transfer({
                to = to_cycles;
                fee = { e8s = Const.transfer_icp_fee; };
                memo = 0;
                from_subaccount = null;
                // from_subaccount = ?subaccount;
                created_at_time = ?time;
                amount = amount_res;
                    return (transfer_res, transform_notify_res);

                    transform_notify_res := await public_ccn.notify_top_up({
                                block_index = height;
                                canister_id = caller;
                    return (transfer_res, transform_notify_res);
            return (transfer_res, transform_notify_res);


  variant { Ok = 4_878_415 : nat64 },
  variant {
    Err = variant {
      InvalidTransaction = "Destination account in the block (c46e6da5d5aab2239fe94051c759104885d80243c1f685f61e4089bf48b94a2b) different than in the notification (b00c86416e82dd18993ed926eaeee00a94de9aceb02d37ca9c4823076a7aef83)"

That is, the transaction with ICP passes, but they get stuck and do not return the exchanged cycles.

All trial transactions are stuck on ICSCAN

-Can you tell me what’s wrong again?

-Maybe it is necessary to create a canister using an actor (rkp4c-7iaaa-aaaaa-aaaca-com) .notify_create_canister and only then will the coinage cycles work for the created canister?

let subaccount: SubAccount = Tools.principalToAccount(caller, null);

Can I look at the principalToAccount function?
That’s how DFX computes the subaccount for a principal:

    fn from(principal_id: &Principal) -> Self {
        let mut subaccount = [0; std::mem::size_of::<Subaccount>()];
        let principal_id = principal_id.as_slice();
        subaccount[0] = principal_id.len().try_into().unwrap();
        subaccount[1..1 + principal_id.len()].copy_from_slice(principal_id);

I think there are two issues with the code.

First, the subaccount the ICP transfer goes to needs to be an encoding of the canister id where the cycles will go to. The encoding is what Roman shared above. I think principalToAccount returns the default account of the principal.

The second issue is that transfers that are intended for topping up canisters need to have a specific memo field, namely 0x50555054 (there’s also a specific memo if you want to use the converted cycles to create a canister). You can see the definitions of the memos used here.


Yes, of course. I immediately say there are two implementations of them, they work the same way. I had to experiment because of errors

variant 1

 public func principalToAccount(p : Principal, sa : ?[Nat8]) : [Nat8] {
        return principalBlobToAccount(Principal.toBlob(p), sa);
    public func principalBlobToAccount(b : Blob, sa : ?[Nat8]) : [Nat8] { //Blob & [Nat8]
        return generate(Blob.toArray(b), sa);
    private func generate(data : [Nat8], sa : ?[Nat8]) : [Nat8] {
        var _sa : [Nat8] = sa_zero;
        if (Option.isSome(sa)) {
            _sa := Option.get(sa, _sa);
            while (_sa.size() < 32){
                _sa := Array.append([0:Nat8], _sa);
        var hash : [Nat8] = SHA224.sha224(Array.append(Array.append(ads, data), _sa));
        var crc : [Nat8] = CRC32.crc32(hash);
        return Array.append(crc, hash);                     

variant 2
(where: subaccount → defaultSubaccount())

 public func defaultSubaccount() : Subaccount {
        Array.freeze<Nat8>(Array.init(32, 0 : Nat8)); 

    public func accountIdentifier(principal: Principal, subaccount: Subaccount) : AccountIdentifier {
        let hash = SHA224.Digest();
        let hashSum = hash.sum();
        let crc32Bytes = beBytes(CRC32.ofArray(hashSum));
        let arr: [Nat8] = Array.append(crc32Bytes, hashSum);
        return arr ;

Ок, thanks you. I think this is the key to the solution.

Yes it is

The error you are hitting is not because you don’t use the correct memo, but because the transfer does not go to the correct subaccount. Basically, you need a function which takes a canister_id and returns a subaccount; this is the function that Roman in his answer.
The two functions you provided take a canister_id and a subaccount and return an account (which is not what you want).

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This is excellent. Your help has yielded results! I’ll give you the code, maybe it will help someone else. Function for subaccount:

 public func principalToSubAccount(id: Principal) : [Nat8] {
        let p = Blob.toArray(Principal.toBlob(id));
        Array.tabulate(32, func(i : Nat) : Nat8 {
            if (i >= p.size() + 1) 0
            else if (i == 0) (Nat8.fromNat(p.size()))
            else (p[i - 1])

but then there was a mistake

variant { Ok = 4_880_838 : nat64 },
  variant {
    Err = variant {
      InvalidTransaction = "Intent in the block (0 == unrecognized) different than in the notification (1347768404 == TopUp)"

And a clear indication
let coinage_cycles_memo = 0x50555054 : Nat64;

Fixed the problem