Dfx cannot deploy to mainnet anymore

Out of the blue, I cannot deploy to mainnet anymore. Did not update my laptop, did not update dfx, did not restarted my laptop and it was working yesterday evening. Any clue?!!??! NVM

❯ dfx deploy backend --network ic --no-wallet
WARN: The default identity is not stored securely. Do not use it to control a lot of cycles/ICP. Create a new identity with dfx identity new and use it in mainnet-facing commands with the --identity flag
Deploying: backend
Creating canisters…
Creating canister backend…
Error: Failed while trying to deploy canisters.
Caused by: Failed while trying to deploy canisters.
Failed while trying to register all canisters.
Failed to create canister ‘backend’.
In order to create a canister on this network, you must use a wallet in order to allocate cycles to the new canister. To do this, remove the --no-wallet argument and try again. It is also possible to create a canister on this network using dfx ledger create-canister, but doing so will not associate the created canister with any of the canisters in your project.

I need a second coffee :sweat_smile:, the canister_ids.json was not there.