Introduction and Hello to Old Friends

Hello Friends, Bonjour amis, Hola Amigos, Hallo Freunde!

I am glad to finally officially join the Internet Computer Forum.

I am the founder of a small US based company called Granata Consulting, my background is in computer science, project management and all things agile.

In 2021 I had the privilege of working as a consultant with the Dfinity team in California, and collaborate with many talented people, some of who are still building and growing the Internet Computer.

I’ve been interested in smart contracts, and blockchain apps since 2017 when the original Crypto Kitties was released in Ethereum in Waterloo, Ontario. I was actually there when it happened, and realized something new was happening in the computer world.

Several of you might know me from Twitter where I use the handle @granatallc, it is great to see many of you here.

As a founder of a small company I can not embrace many technologies, and it took me a while to decide which blockchain was ideal for a startup to build upon. After carefully evaluating Solana, Cosmos and Ethereum, it became clear to me that the IC has the real advantage over all of them, an app can be built from top to bottom only there.

In the days ahead I hope to share ideas about our project, talk about Rust, and indeed I intend to build a consumer app on the IC, and I am excited about the future.

The IC is gonna make it!

Joseph Hurtado
Founder Granata Consulting


This is awesome. It’s nice to meet you and I look forward to hearing more about your project!


Thanks! Great to see an Irish man working with Dfinity in Switzerland. Lots of talented Irish devs for sure!

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