ELNA in Full Bloom: Canisters Activated, Sonic Boost Engaged, ICP Grant Greenlit, and Beyond!

Long time no see! Hey peeps, we are beyond thrilled to share the latest and greatest from ELNA as we continue our journey toward democratizing AI – We’ve hit some incredible milestones that we can’t wait to tell you about.

Important Events

  • Sonic Support Deployment

Sonic elna chat

The deployment of our Sonic Support signifies our commitment to responsive and innovative user interactions.

Catch us on the Twitter Spaces with Dfinity, where we dived into the current scenario of a warcry to keep AI decentralized.

  • Celebrating the ICP Grant

A massive shoutout to the Internet Computer Project for approving our grant. This support marks a significant milestone in our pursuit of thriving as a groundbreaking platform that marries the expansive capabilities of Generative AI with the revolutionary attributes of the Internet Computer (ICP) blockchain. ELNA stays faithful to crafting an ecosystem where accessibility, privacy, and innovation are not just features but foundational pillars.

So Far - Setting the Foundation

  • Integration of ICP Wallet Login
    Picture this: a seamless, secure, and frictionless authentication process. That’s what we’ve achieved with the integration of the Internet Computer wallet login. Your security is our priority.

  • System Design Documentation
    Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes? Our detailed system design documentation covers everything – from the architecture to backend logic, client interfaces, and data workflows. Transparency is key.

  • Proof of Concept (POC)
    We’ve taken a leap into the future with a Web 3.0 POC that confirms the feasibility of basic conversational AI functionalities. It’s not just a concept; it’s a reality.

  • UI Design Presentation
    Simplicity meets accessibility in our initial UI design. We’re committed to democratizing the AI experience, and our UI reflects just that.

Ongoing - Powering Up with Canisters

  • Prompt Engine Canister Development
    Hold on tight because our prompt engine’s canister development is taking ELNA to new heights. Backend logic meets frontend integration – the heartbeat of our conversational AI capabilities.

  • Security Features with Wallet Login
    Your security is non-negotiable. Get ready for enhanced security features, including wallet login integration for robust user authentication and precise system access control.

  • AI Bot Creation Capabilities
    Unleash your creativity! We’re introducing capabilities for users to create and customize their AI bots, showcasing the extendability and user-centric design of our platform.

  • Client-Side Chat Integration
    Real-time interaction with AI bots? Absolutely. Our client-side chat interface is here to demonstrate the future of responsive user interfaces.

What’s Next - Shaping the Future

  • Vector Database Implementation in Canister
    Efficiency is the name of the game. Witness the successful integration of a vector database within the canister framework, revolutionizing data storage and retrieval for AI models

  • Complete Platform for Custom LLM Chat Agent Creation
    The future is customizable. Our comprehensive platform facilitates the creation of custom Large Language Model (LLM) chat agents, ready for broad user engagement.

  • Pioneering LLM Agent Marketplace
    A crucible for creators and innovators to forge and monetize their decentralised custom LLM chat agents, catalyzing a new economy of intelligent digital assistance.

ELNA in the Spotlight

🔄 Striking the perfect balance! 🤝🔗 ELNA pioneers a Dual-Token Economy, seamlessly fusing AI and Blockchain realms. @elna_live 👉https://t.co/MGAbhWTc4X#Bitcoin #ArtificialInteligence @ICPtoken #internet #Solana @ICP_Indicators @icpcsnft @internetcomput9 pic.twitter.com/aQt1unPPey

— Ledger Life (@ledgerlifeio) November 21, 2023

🚀 Exciting times ahead! 🤖✨ AI Unchained: ELNA is leading the charge with a Decentralized Revolution, reshaping industries and embracing innovation. @elna_live 👉https://t.co/mzyztzQk13#ArtificialInteligence #dApps #decentralized #Solana #AVALANCHE #Ethereum #NFTs pic.twitter.com/CwjoARErYy

— Ledger Life (@ledgerlifeio) November 21, 2023

To our Community

  • Thanking you for your incredible support with LBP. As informed, your returns will arrive post SNS, of which we’re right at the edge, so sit tight!
  • Our Waitlist members - kindly accept our apologies for the delay in response/reaching back out. Our growing team is working hard to keep up with an overwhelming inflow, we’ll be checking this off our list soon. We appreciate your understanding.
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Join our Waitlist and Discord as we begin active engagements on both, we extend our warmest welcome to everyone joining us in this exciting phase of growth and innovation.


Great work Team ELNA & @branbuilder. Keep up the good work.

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That’s really great!!!!!

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Stop your FUD. It is difficult to find people in the blockchain circle who are really patient in doing things. People who are building the ic ecosystem are rare people who can do things with their heart.

NO,elna has created some interesting things, please don’t fud and wait quietly.

“But you can wake a man only if he is really asleep. No effort that you make will produce any effect upon him if he is merely pretending sleep.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

In the vibrant world of Internet Computer, diverse teams are actively contributing to its growth. While constructive criticism is always welcomed, baseless accusations may fall on deaf ears. People who are there just for spreading FUD can’t be reasoned. Our commitment is reflected in the tangible efforts, results, and a live product that speaks volumes.

Let our actions do the talking, and those genuinely interested will witness the progress firsthand. Cheers to constructive dialogue and genuine contributions!