ELNA Funding proposal for Q2 and Q3 2024

ELNA’s Strategic Roadmap: Aggressive Growth and Innovation

Being the world’s first AI DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organization), ELNA has set up the upcoming six months to focus on enhancing the team, investing in research and development, marketing/PR, token listing, seeking legal guidance and engaging in AI evangelism, for which we request 60K ICP, we hope our community will support the funding proposal from the ELNA Dev team.

Aggressive Growth: We plan to expand ELNA’s workforce to accommodate the demands of the current growth strategy. By hiring top talent across various departments, we aim to strengthen ELNA’s core competencies and foster a culture of innovation.

Research and Development: ELNA will allocate substantial resources to R&D efforts, focusing on developing and refining its proprietary AI technologies. By exploring new applications and use cases, ELNA aims to stay ahead of the competition and drive industry-wide innovation. This includes the development of the most awaited features by the community - Building infra for fully on-chain AI, AI in Finance, Marketplace, developer ecosystem etc …

ELNA token listing: ELNA’s token is now listed on Sonic and ICPSwap DEX for widespread accessibility and liquidity. Our sights are set on central exchanges as well, actively exploring funding options and drafting proposals to facilitate this next phase of growth. In parallel, discussions have commenced to initiate the listing process on CoinMarketCap (CMC), a leading token aggregation platform.

AI Evangelism: ELNA will conduct events, hackathons, and tutorials to promote the adoption and understanding of AI technologies among its target audience. These initiatives will not only help establish ELNA as a thought leader in the AI space but also grow a vibrant community of AI enthusiasts and developers.

Legal Support Kickoff : We understand that Legal compliance is a continuous process, to ensure compliance with the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape, ELNA will engage legal experts to provide guidance on intellectual property, data privacy, and corporate governance matters. We plan to kickoff the legal compliance part of ELNA.Ai

Airdrop Program for Token Holders: Airdrop of the token to the current LBP token holders and airdrop winners we plan to implement a seamless system for airdrop

Integration with Robotics and Hardware: ELNA will collaborate with robotics and hardware companies to explore new applications for our AI technologies. By integrating AI into robotics and hardware systems, ELNA aims to unlock new use cases and drive adoption across various industries.

Marketing and PR: ELNA will invest in strategic marketing and PR initiatives to raise its brand awareness and attract new customers, partners, and investors. These efforts will include targeted advertising, content marketing, and thought leadership campaigns.

Community Development: ELNA will prioritise community development by engaging with our user base through hackathons, events, social media, forums, and other online and offline platforms. By fostering belonging and actively soliciting feedback, ELNA aims to create a loyal and supportive community that contributes to the growth of truly decentralised AI.

Since ELNA is now a DAO, our roadmap for the next six months is ambitious and comprehensive, focusing on aggressive growth, innovation, and community development, we request your earnest support and forbearance.


Welcome, ELNA-DAO, to the New World of on-chain, decentralized AI! Can’t wait to be part of the journey.

Thanks for the post-SNS mission update.

When will you update lbp token holders on the conversion to sns?