ELNA DAO Funding Proposal for ICPCC 2024 - Silver Tier Sponsorship

Dear community,

This is the funding proposal for the opportunity to support the ICPCC 2024 event scheduled for May 10th, 2024. As the world’s first AI DAO, we believe in leading and fostering innovation, collaboration, and the growth of the Internet Computer ecosystem. To demonstrate our commitment to these values, we propose to contribute $1,500 to secure the Silver Tier sponsorship for the ICPCC 2024 event.

Rationale for Support

  1. Promoting Innovation and Collaboration: As a decentralized autonomous organization, ELNA DAO is dedicated to promoting the development of innovative AI technologies and fostering collaboration among community members. By supporting the ICPCC 2024 event, we aim to contribute to the growth of the Internet Computer ecosystem and encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge between participants.

  2. Strengthening the Internet Computer Community: The ICPCC 2024 event is an important gathering for the Internet Computer community, bringing together developers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts. Our sponsorship will help ensure the success of the event, enabling more people to participate and benefit from the knowledge and networking opportunities it offers.

  3. Expanding ELNA DAO’s Reach and Impact: By sponsoring the ICPCC 2024 event, ELNA DAO will have the opportunity to showcase its vision, mission, and achievements to a wider audience. This increased visibility will help us attract more talent, partners, and supporters, enabling us to expand our reach and impact within the Internet Computer ecosystem.

Proposed Use of Funds

The $1,500 funding will be used to secure the Silver Tier sponsorship for the ICPCC 2024 event. This sponsorship level includes the following benefits:

  • Announcement on Social Media
  • Logo on the ICPCC website with link to ELNA.ai website
  • Logo on Post-Event Reports
  • Ad on livestream

Utilizing these benefits, ELNA DAO will be able to effectively promote its mission and vision, engage with the community, and foster collaboration and innovation within the Internet Computer ecosystem.

Following is the principal ID of Ricardo Capuz, organiser of the ICPCC event, to whom we would be sending in the funds -

In conclusion, ELNA DAO’s funding proposal to support the ICPCC 2024 event with a $1,500 sponsorship for the Silver Tier demonstrates our commitment to the growth and development of the Internet Computer ecosystem. We believe that this sponsorship will not only benefit ELNA DAO but also contribute to the overall success of the event and the strengthening of the community. We kindly request your support in approving this proposal, and look forward to participating in the ICPCC 2024 event as a proud sponsor.

Thank you for your consideration