Early stage Investment for Game-Fi App on the IC

Hello IC community!

Myself and a team of professional, full-time developers, are building an exciting new Game-Fi app on the IC.

We are looking for early stage investment.

The app is well under way. We have the backend code already built in Rust, with UX designs ready to go, built by our inhouse designer. We’re currently in the process of linking the frontend.

We will have a demo app completed in around 8 weeks, and on course to have a public V1 ready to go in under 3 months.

Our app will include peer to peer transactions, which will utilize ck tokens such as ckBTC, ckETH and eventually ckUSDC. We believe it will showcase the power of this technology, aswell the multichain (chain fusion) functionality that ICP can offer.

We have a pitch deck & road map ready to show potential investors, aswell as a SAFT note, issued by our company, readily prepared with tokenomics included, as we would like to pre-sell a portion of tokens, which we will release once the app goes live.

Can anyone on this forum recommend where apps on the IC find early stage investment? or recommend any private investors that we can speak with?

We wont be looking for a Dfinity grant at this stage.

Please DM for more information.



or, if anyone can offer some general advise on fundraising within the IC ecosystem, that would also be greatly appreciated!

You should reach out to your local ICPhub. They most likely have contacts that can help you in this stage.

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Here is another great resource for funding inside the ic ecosystem

@codeandstate They are on X (twitter)

Sneed dao maybe would be a good place to start for presale funding