Hello! Are there any development plans for ckltc, ckdoge and other chains?

Hello! Are there any development plans for ckltc, ckdoge and other chains?

Since CKBTC has been successfully deployed, are coins similar to CKBTC codes like LTC and DOGE easy to develop?

I think providing these channels as much as possible allows more blockchain users to enter IC. Most of the assets that are not convenient for wallets are stored in CEX exchanges, which can facilitate many users to familiarize themselves with using IC wallets and dex.


I am very optimistic about ICP, and I turn all my cryptocurrency assets and beliefs to you. I think that as long as ICP uses chain-key technology to connect all blockchains, anyone will accept ICP sooner or later. This is our biggest fundamental advantage. If you I’m doing this and I’ll keep promoting it

What use would DOGE or any other meme coin have to IC ?

It’s a shame we can’t downvote replies. Not talking about your post, icper. We should definitely implement Doge.

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The dogecoin community has always been very playful with an active tipping culture. They don’t take themselves too serious. They sponsored a NASCAR and bobsled team in the past. They are one of the few communities that like to actually use their coin for funny things.

I can imagine a lot of things that don’t need to be about “making more money”.

Games in general or some form of gamified DeFi or tipping apps could be one of the use cases.

A crowd funding platform that uses Doge could also work better than with other coins, since this community is used to spend micro amounts for fun.

For me this is not about a useless coin, but rather an active community that likes to do stuff for fun.

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Yes I support and look forward to DOGE integration! However, I think more chains will bring greater opportunities in the future, imagine ICP as a transportation center, each public chain as a road in different directions, blockchain anyone no longer worry about wallet, one ICP solves all public chains, and this will change the rules on the chain, ICP may become a larger defi center than eth.

@icper, thank you for bringing this issue up here in the forum!

Let me try to summarize where we are:

Currently, the Ethereum integration and respective chain-key tokens (ckETH, ckUSDC, ckUSDT …) are the focus from the perspective of the Foundation. What comes after that also depends on the sentiment of the community and needs to be discussed. I’ve heard various people who would like to have DOGE on the IC. The Foundation themselves cannot work on anything else but Ethereum integration (and also doing some finishing touches on ckBTC) in the near term.

Clearly, DOGE does have its merits, e.g., is very visible in the broader crypto community, also thanks to Elon Musk’s relationship to it. This might help the IC ecosystem at large. On the other hand, it’s a memecoin and the question is whether the IC community wants to seriously engage in this area of crypto. This is definitely something that merits further discussion.

From a technical perspective, a native integration of Doge would, however, not be a piece of cake, as its based on an old fork of the Bitcoin code.

Thank you for your answer! I hope that CKETH,CKUSDT, etc. can be developed as soon as possible. I am full of confidence in the future of ICP!

ckETH and ckERC20 are now top priorities for the Foundation as they are widely needed by the ecosystem, e.g., DeFi, to get liquidity from major tokens besides Bitcoin. We will be announcing more details soon.