DREAM BIG. IC Strategy and goals for 2023-2028


Dear community members!

Studying materials and videos on IC and projects that have already been created and are being created, the following question came up:

What are the specific goals and vision behind IC for 2023-2028?

I mean beyond the technical development and implementation of new tech. But simple. For non-technical people to be easy to understand.

Namely: the number of users and usage of the platform in quantitative terms by year considering the state/capacity and further development of the network.

1. What are the goals for this by year?
2. And what is the plan to achieve them?
3. What type of applications will be more common on IC?

2023 X and Y
2024 X and Y
2025 X and Y
2026 X and Y
2027 X and Y
2028 X and Y

I would be grateful for any useful information on this subject and I appreciate your feedback.


Yes, not much info found in public resources on future of ICP.

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The IC is like the underground rapper that is not mainstream but the whole hood got on repeat on their playlist. It matters less what would come after as far as there is a solid foundation. When the bubble pops everyone would jump on the bandwagon.


I think icp just needs to take a part and cooperate with a professional cryptocurrency marketing team to achieve extraordinary results, there are good applications now but 99% of people have nowhere to find


I’m pretty sure the plan is to keep it highly academic and toxic to retail users, while pushing more and more gated projects through sns, while dumping on retail.

It’s a data hosting software, not a crypto currency.

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