2023 what would you like to see in the ic?

Personally I would like to see more hackathon competitions. One at the end of every season; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

The resources can be spread across seasons to accommodate the winners of the hackathons.

Just having one competition in a year limits new comers from having a chance to compete.

Another reason is that different people are creative at different times of the year based on the climate they are under; an example is some people are used to giving their all in the summer and some prefer the winter, some in the fall season and some at spring.

Happy and prosperous new year to everyone :dizzy: Looking forward to hearing what you would like to see in the IC community :pray:


Personally, I would like to see more proposals to combine AI with IC.


Nice, Hackathon increases a lot of idea, that could help to move forward intellectually.


Yes, need for even frequent hackaton events but we need Btc and Eth integration promotion at MaXxxxxx


I would be interested in seeing more “web2” style services being hosted on the ic, with maybe some sort of marketing package people could use. Imagine a normal e-commerce site backend and front ui hosted on the ic but there are html marketing packages people could use to let users know that they are using an ic hosted site.

Imagine buying pillows on a home good store hosted on the ic that sort of thing. Let non-tech savvy folks visually see an icon that says “powered by the ic” or “dfinity powered” as stupid as it sounds there needs to be way more user friendly things that web2 and web3 devs can drop into projects.

“JUST GET THE .JPGS YOURSELF” you might say, but that’s the antitheses of spreading the word so to speak. The ic has the ability to let business host data and objects but I don’t think that knowlage is out there. The memes are terrible have you seen this guy on the Internet drinking urine with the icp logo on his face? That’s currently the kind of community marketing taking place.

Core team should create some toolkits and sources to let less inclined folks work with the ic and advert the ic.
Motoko playground is a prime example of a thing that could easily be advertised and spread to get people involved in the ic but I never see it mentioned anywhere but ic forums etc.


I would like to see adoption of C++ !

The first public release icpp 0.1.0 is now available at Github: icppWorld/icpp
(Please bare with me, I am not yet allowed to include links in my forum posts)

The focus for release 0.1.x is to provide a complete development, test & interactive debug environment, supporting everything you need to create stateless C++ web applications running on the IC.

The Getting Started guide in the README of the Github repo demonstrates how to use icpp with your C++ code.