Dotmeet Web3 event calendar app and Telegram event management bot for Web3 communities

I am applying for a Developer Grant.

Please review my application and discuss! See DFINITY’s directions for becoming a registered reviewer here. They will be collected by DFINITY. When one week passes, DFINITY will release them and they will appear as a new section on this post.

Please review my application and discuss! If you would like to submit an official review, then please use the links below to register, see the rubric, and submit a review.

I’m looking forward to everyone’s input!

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This is a question I give projects with potential network effect issues:

  • Can this app work if there is not a critical mass of people using it?

I think that its an important thing to discuss because even if an app is good, breaking into a market/getting adoption is the hard part. So what is your strategy.
I think it might be beneficial for a smaller app to adopt or create an open protocol that can be expanded upon by other apps and services, so you are not trying to just compete for a closed platform

Also what would you say that your app does on ICP that it could not do somewhere else, something that people care about

Looks cool, just need to ask the hard questions

Ya, you are right, it is hard to get started and penetrate the market

The thing is Dotmeet (both the Dotmeet app and Dotmeet bot) is already popular among web3 people in Dubai and we started to penetrate the market, The strategy we adopted is onboarding crypto people from telegram using Dotmeet bot and bot channels and it solves un-order sharing of web3 events through telegram and Dotmeet app will act as an extension of Dotmeet bot,

You can check Dotmeet Dubai bot channel here @dotmeetdubai

Our vision is to spread awareness of decentalisation through events and improve the quality of the web3 events, we learned we can make our app backend and bot can make decentralised using CDK very easily. so our decision is purely based on our vision and

We discovered ICP through ICP GCC events and realised make our app decentralised using CDK. Our vision is to enhance web3 event quality and promote decentralization awareness.

Our choice of ICP is purely based on the fact that

  1. Easy of use of CDK
  2. We can tap into our local ICP Community for support, feedback, and assistance if needed
  3. Marketing Purpose and expansion by adding new web3 features

Thank you for your time

What is the reason for running the backend on ICP, and what exactly would you need to build?

Would you consider making the source code of the canister backend public?


Our vision is decentralization, but currently, our system is centralized. We’re using ICP for the backend to move towards decentralization gradually.

We know making our code public is crucial for this shift, but as we’re growing fast and adding features, we’ll do so once we reach a critical mass of users. Thanks for your understanding.

Apologies for missing that earlier.
To address the question, here’s what we would need to build

We’re developing a city-based web3 events platform with a focus on quality over quantity. Unlike platforms like Luma and Eventbrite, which list all events, we’re prioritizing meaningful ones through verification and filters.

Currently, Dotmeet offers iOS and Android apps. Next, we’re creating a web app for event listing and verification, with milestones including transitioning our backend to ICP and building new web app on top of ICP.

Hey @s-alih,

The reviews have been made public. Could you please address the feedback, in particular, describe the planned architecture and functions of the canister(s). Furthermore, we are curious how the Telegram bot integration would work.

Hey @domwoe

There will be 2 canisters one is an event canister other is the telegram canister

  1. Event Canister: This canister will be responsible for storing and managing event data. this canister will contain functions, which will be implemented as committing update calls since they involve state changes
  2. Telegram Canister: This canister will handle Telegram bot interactions and interact with the Event Canister.

Integration of the telegram bot with the canisters will be as follows

  • The user interacts with the Telegram bot, sending a message with an event
  • The Telegram bot calls the ProcessTelegramMessage function on the Telegram Canister.
  • The Telegram Canister parses the message and interacts with the Event Canister. For submitting an event, it calls AddEvent on the Event Canister with the extracted details.
  • For retrieving events, it calls GetEvents and sends the retrieved list back to the Telegram bot. The Telegram bot receives the response from the Telegram Canister.
  • The Telegram bot formats the response (event details or list) and posts it to the dotmeet telegram channel
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Thank you. The application has been approved.

Thank you for approving the grant proposal! We are looking forward to implementing the features.