Don't deprecate project specific dfx networks

Placing a network definition in a project’s dfx.json file raises a warning that project specific networks will be deprecated in February. I’m curious why this is being removed. What if I want to run one project as a system subnet locally, one project as a fiduciarynet, one as a normalnet, etc. Is there a new mechanism, or am I meant to just update my user-wide configuration?

Worth noting that if you are using dfx nns, which requires a system subnet, it is quite unfortunate to require new developers to update their configuration manually, or to be forced to update your own configuration manually as you switch between projects.



Anyone have an example of networks.json with multiple local declarations?

I remember seeing something like an example at one point but can’t find the specific working example.

I’m guessing the way would be to wrap the corresponding dfx commands as bash macros for convenience.

Otherwise indeed it obviates the benefits of being able to use dfx nns somewhat.

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Thank you for raising this. We’re aware there are problems that need to be solved before we remove project-specific networks entirely, and this is why the warning says “After February 2023” and not “On March 1 2023”. Don’t worry, we don’t plan to break this without giving any alternative.


I appreciate that y’all are giving us a heads up but I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do in response to this message. Is there a forum post that explains the changes so I can prepare better? Thank you.

If you can use the system-wide networks that I recommend you switch to that. If you have a use case that right now requires the project-specific networks you can’t do much right now since we don’t have replacements for everything yet.

This post has links to the significant changes, but I guess you already found all that.

I actually missed this. Thank you for the link.

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