Dfx 0.12.0 is promoted

Release notes: Release Notes | Internet Computer Home

Some Highlights:

  • breaking change: system-wide dfx start: By default, dfx now manages the replica process in a way that is independent of any given dfx project.
  • canister HTTP support is now enabled by default
  • dfx identity new now generates secp256k1 keys backed by a seed phrase
  • configurable custom wasm sections
    • dfx no longer adds candid:service metadata to custom canisters by default
    • dfx does however “shrink” all canisters by default, including custom canisters. We’ll change the default behavior in the next release to leave custom canisters alone by default. In the meantime, you can set "shrink" : false on any custom canister to have dfx leave it alone.

Migration guide (0.11.2 to 0.12.0): sdk/dfx-0.12.0-migration-guide.md at master · dfinity/sdk · GitHub


Will we be able to set shrink to true to keep the automatic shrinking for custom canisters?

Yes, you will be able to (and will have to) set shrink=true to have dfx shrink custom canisters.

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