Agent-Unity: Agent of Internet Computer for Unity

What we are going to do:

  1. Bringing the IC ecosystem to Unity
  2. Allowing Unity developers to call the functions of canisters on IC
  3. Providing useful utilities to make authentication and authorization easy.
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✨ Support HostKeyStore, a simple encrypted account module;
✨ Support login/logout by HostKeyStore;
✨ Call query methods on ic mainnet;
✨ Call update methods on ic mainnet;
✨ Support target: x86_64-win;
✨ Support target: x86_64-nix;
✨ Support target: aarch64-osx;
✨ Support target: x86_64-osx;

We have already finished all the functions in “milestone 01”.

Super cool. Does that support running a unity dedicated server build om ic?