Dfinity team; yearly book recommendations πŸ“š

EACH YEAR, Former President Obama and other world leaders share their favorite books, top movies and even their favorite songs. This same culture applies to top business leaders, athletes and among other entities across the world.

The same transparency and educative culture should be adopted and natured in the IC community.

In this thread I ask leaders in the IC community such as @dominicwilliams @diegop @lara @manu @peterparker and many others to share their favorite reads of 2022.

This is bound to help the community boost their learning curve. It would also be helpful if you can share a link where to get your favorite books or pdf files.

In the future maybe this culture can boost formation of online book stores and libraries hosted on the IC.

Thank you for anyone willing to share. :dizzy:


Good initiative! I did not read enough books this year (:disappointed_relieved:), spent much time coding even on my spare time as main activity. Therefore really looking forward for the others recommandations to improve in 2023.

That said, as an avid jogger and aspirent longer distance runner, I can recommend the book β€œBorn to run” from Christopher McDougall. These girls and guyz who run 100+km with bare shoes and strick minimum supply are impressive and inspiring.

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If I have my phone its usually twitter, if I dont then its

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My book recommendations for 2022 are Parable of the Sower, The Ministry for the Future, and my cousin’s book, Breathing Fire :books: