DFINITY Foundation's voting on test proposals (#52537 and #52214)

Dear ICP Community,

TLDR: DFINITY Foundation will vote NO on two recent test proposals:

(I expect this will be non-controversial :wink: )


The DFINITY Foundation (via its named neuron 27) has started to vote on governance proposals. Since the DFINITY Foundation is a critical player in the ecosystem, our long-term intent is to make a habit of explaining our rationale for how we vote in motion proposals, Foundation voting power, etc… for further visibility.

Proposal in question

In this particular case, we will vote NO on Proposals:

We want to be clear in what this means and does not mean:

  1. Foundation’s default voting for voting is to REJECT any proposal it does not fully understand and agree with. In this particular case, Foundation is rejecting because they are (by their own admission) test proposals.
  2. Foundation may yet vote YES on future proposals from this neuron if proposals inspire direction or conversations to bring the IC forward.
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