DFINITY Foundation’s vote on Governance proposal #88287: Register Known Neuron | ICPstakingNFT

Dear ICP Community,

TLDR: DFINITY Foundation abstained on “Register Known Neuron | ICPstakingNFT” But our intent may be hard to parse from abstaining so we want to explain further.

Our intent: Our previous standard for register known neuron proposals was that unless they were impersonating someone else, we would vote YES. In this case however, the submitter did not write on the forum or is known to participate in discussions there and we found precious little when we looked. So we abstained from this proposal in case others in the community knew more than we did. We did not know enough to support or reject proposal.


The DFINITY Foundation (via its named neuron 27) has started to vote on governance proposals. Since the DFINITY Foundation is a critical player in the ecosystem, our long-term intent is to make a habit of explaining our rationale for how we vote in motion proposals.

We want to be clear in what this means and does not mean:

  1. Foundation may still support voting for this named neuron in the future with a proposal with more information or more examples of the user in the community.
  2. Foundation may vote YES in a new proposal from neuron 9383571398983269667. This is only a judgment on this proposal.

Thank you everyone,