Deploy tips memory

Since a few days ago, dfx deploy has been failing, every time it prompts The Replica returned an error: code 1, message: “Canister CanisterId with memory allocation 10MiB cannot be installed because the Subnet’s remaining memory capacity is NMiB”
This frustrated me. I think this should not be the dfinity I imagined. It has always been possible before, but since the last few days, it has never been able to deploy.

@avi Please see this post

The main takeaway

As many of you have probably picked up on by now, we are having more issues and bugs than usual with the Sodium Developer Network (testnet). This is because the DFINITY team has been hyper-focused on Beta Mainnet launch and as such, we have had to de-prioritize upgrading Sodium and keeping it compatible with our more frequent (and significant) SDK releases.

Please rest assured that the team understands that many of you are relying on Sodium to test and build your canisters. We are actively working on additional pathways for test environments and streamlined onboarding for our developers in the post-Genesis world, so stick with us! We will continue to keep Sodium alive for the time being, but just know things might not be working 100% properly and we are aware of the issues.

Sorry for the issues you are seeing. We are aware but at the moment overbooked with getting ready for Genesis and mainnet!

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Thanks, I got it.
thank you very much.
From the current situation, I can only wait.
I hope to solve my problem perfectly by then.