Decentralized Govenance

In centralized organizations, strategic planning, goal setting, budgeting, and talent deployment are typically conducted by a single, senior leader or leadership team. In contrast, in decentralized organizations, formal decision-making power is distributed across multiple individuals or teams.

Decentralized Governance as I have seen is giving power to the underachievers and the results of this has shown that giving power to underachievers has become dangerous or Perpetual.

Giving powerful tools to those who have no proper education or experience ends up with the result unindented.

The power given to individuals that have education is no better.

My wife bought a potted plant for the verandah and due to the high winds it fell over. The next day I checked out the mobile phone recommended news feeds and the top story was where to place pot plants on a verandah.

I made no searches for where to place pot plants?

So I have to consider that my mobile phone is listening to my conversation?

The International Monetary Fund and Financial Stability Board have started the process of making changes to all those who would undermine this power naming Web3 as a current threat.

I am sick and tired of the FAANG controlling my life and agree with FSB but here come the racial slurs that they are being picked on and so they should be.

We should be pushing back those groups that feel human depravity and my personal life is to be invaded is their right and I checked out one of the SNS websites to find a loop of a person showing a wet spot on a bed sheet.

If we lower the standards of who is on the IC then we make ourselves vulnerable to degenerate attacks and can we really argue.

Surely there are other projects that can accommodate these sites and have some integrity within this project that there are plenty of projects that can run on the IC with the controls that the FAANG and others refuse to alter.

How about getting big business that are making other Web3 projects successful see value in building on the IC and not make this project an underground playground for saying and doing whatever you want.

We need and have an intermediate layer that is DFINITY and they can stop anyone taking over this project while we the underachievers who have voting power get to have a say otherwise the FSB will have us shut down all over the world and then we really will be the underground of a third world website.