Decarbonizing the Internet Computer: Urgent Sustainability Initiatives

@Ajki how can other nodes in the subnet verify that the SNMP metrics are correct? I.e., all nodes in the subnet need to see the exact same data.

There could be a way, as all subnet nodes have the same or similar hardware and should exhibit very similar stats under the same load, so malicious manipulation could be detected.

I see. Consensus sadly requires identical data, not just similar. So SNMP data cannot be used through the consensus. But we just finished a hostos rollout that enables public access to node metrics, including the power usage. That will give anyone (including you) the ability to scrape the power utilization stats directly from the nodes and do any kind of analysis on the raw data.
Keep an eye on the forum, we’ll make an announcement today or tomorrow.


Here is the announcement for the public node metrics

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