Zero-carbon subnets

This topic has been surfaced from the node-shuffling thread, for community discussion as a concept proposal to be added to the IC roadmap. @diegop @manu

Some subnets could be designated as zero-carbon subnets, only using nodes running on renewable energy. Instead of using batteries to deal with supply intermittancy, node-handover is used instead. When renewable power is available at a specific node’s location, it joins the subnet; when not available, it goes dormant. This would decrease operating cost, but increase capital cost because the subnet would need more replication.

Electricity can’t be efficiently moved around the globe, but with the Internet Computer, compute can. In other words, we’d be using Chain Key to enable a subnet to “follow the sun”. A blockchain network that’s more sustainable than the traditional cloud? Now that would turn heads.

Note: I suppose this would require tweaks to the remuneration structure for node providers, so as not to overly penalise correctly-handled downtime.