Dear ICP Community,

We are excited to formally announce the upcoming decentralisation sale for IC Footprint, the native energy management and sustainability protocol for the Internet Computer network. Over the past two years, our team worked to both understand the environmental impact of ICP, and develop a platform to enable its decarbonisation.

The launch of the IC Footprint SNS marks the next stage in the development of a climate tech industry on ICP. By open-sourcing our technology and enabling a framework for decentralised innovation, it is our firm belief that we can build the world’s most advanced green cloud computing network. This will benefit all network stakeholders by optimising network resource consumption, increasing the attractiveness of the network for SMEs and enterprises, and simplifying regulatory compliance. The attached whitepaper outlines our vision for achieving this and provides context as to the broader trends in the climate tech space that ICP can, and must, take advantage of.

We invite you to join IC Footprint. This forum post is designed to collect feedback from the community in order to ensure a collaborative, and commercially driven approach to decarbonising ICP and Web3 more broadly. Your insight and participation are crucial for shaping the future of sustainable blockchain technology.


I. Climate Technology Super-Charged by ICP

IC Footprint is the native energy management and sustainability protocol for the Internet Computer (IC) network, supporting decentralised applications (DApps), Service Nervous Systems (SNSs), Utopias, and node operators in measuring, reporting, and reducing their environmental impact. IC Footprint is an infrastructure play, deploying the foundational technologies to advance the IC’s green compute capabilities and create a climate tech industry on the network.

II. IC FOOTPRINT’s Main Offerings

Real-time Emissions Monitoring: Provides precise, near real-time tracking of greenhouse gas emissions for network actors, enhancing transparency and environmental accountability.

Environmental Commodity Exchange: Facilitates market-based decarbonization by enabling purchases of renewable energy certificates and carbon credits, generating new revenue opportunities.

Energy Management & Sustainability Protocol: Serves as a data and infrastructure foundation for further, collaborative climate technology development, creating the perfect conditions for a climate technology industry to emerge on ICP.

Live Features:

i) Tooling to monitor ICP scope 2 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in near real-time

ii) Proportional attribution of emissions to network activity based on activity

iii) Client-specific ESG Wallets to view environmental metrics

iv) ESG Wallet connection to environmental commodity exchanges to mitigate footprint with renewable energy, compensate emissions with carbon credits or generate compliance documentation

Check out the IC FOOTPRINT platform here.

III. Why Participate?

  1. Climate Tech Industry Opportunity: In Q4 2023, €10Bn was invested in climate tech solutions in Europe alone. Blockchain generally, and ICP specifically, have a central role to play in climate tech development, with on-chain solutions already emerging to solve crucial problems in the the energy transition and environmental commodity markets. IC FOOTPRINT will lead this vertical within ICP, unlocking exciting commercial opportunities along the way.

  2. Governance: FOOTPRINT token holders will play a central role in shaping sustainability in Web3. From decision-making on strategic direction to influence over token incentives and project development, token holders sit at the core of IC FOOTPRINT operations.

  3. Global Public Good: Climate change is one of the great challenges of the age, and will impact each of our lives. Novel technologies such as blockchain and AI are our greatest hope of limiting and reversing environmental degradation. Join a dedicated, experienced team and contribute to tackling this global issue.

IV. Key Tailwind Trends

  1. Surging electricity demand from data centres, driven by AI and blockchain. Data centre driven electricity demand to triple in from 2.5 - 7.5% of US total by 2030 according to BCG

  2. Growing renewable energy in grids increases the variability of tariff, grid load and grid carbon intensity, creating opportunities for optimisation and arbitrage Energy Management Software is increasingly important for managing variability and is a rapidly growing vertical with an estimated market size of £40+ billion.

  3. Environmental regulations impacting enterprise cloud procurement requirements. EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive came into force in January, 2023.

  4. The unfolding global climate crisis is influencing consumer behaviour and buying preferences.

V. Key Takeaways

  1. Compute networks are intimately linked to the energy industry, which is digitising, expanding and becoming renewable simultaneously. Huge opportunities exist for cloud networks that can foresee and adapt to these changing fundamentals.

  2. Implementing energy management systems and high-fidelity energy data analytics at the protocol level will reduce the cost of network operation, create revenue-generating products and enable network decarbonisation.

  3. The IC technology stack can exploit new use cases to create novel products for commercialisation. IC Footprint is designed as a protocol to supercharge the development of IC native climate technology solutions, which can be commercialised within the ICP ecosystem, cross-chain, on Web2, and even with non-digital companies.

VI. How to Support and Participate?

You can support the vision of ICP being used as a tool to tackle climate change by participating in IC FOOTPRINT’s decentralisation swap, ahead of which we encourage you to read our Whitepaper, Tokenomics Analyser, SNS Init Yaml, Disclaimer, as well as watch our DApp Walkthrough.

To keep up to date with what’s happening, join our community on X, OpenChat, or Discord

Your participation and support in the IC FOOTPRINT SNS decentralisation sale contributes to the creation of a climate technology industry on ICP and marks a direct commitment to help tackle the climate crisis.

VII. Protocol Launch Procedure

  • July 4th - SNS announcement
  • July 15th - NNS proposal to launch the SNS
  • July 18th - SNS participation starts
  • July 31st - SNS participation ends


I. Token Distribution

  • Total Token Supply - 100,000,000
  • Allocated to Treasury - 57,000,000 (5,000,000 to NFT holders)
  • Allocated to Decentralisation Sale - 25,000,000
  • Allocated to Developer Neurons - 18,000,000 (Founding Team - 15,500,000, Advisors - 2,500,000)
  • Ledger Transaction Fee - 0.001 FOOTPRINT

II. Decentralisation Sale

  • Min Participation - 1 ICP
  • Max Participation - 50,000 ICP
  • Min Participants - 50
  • Min to be Raised (not including NF) - 50,000 ICP
  • Max to be Raised (not including NF) - 250,000 ICP
  • Min Request from NF - 49,955 ICP
  • Max Request from NF - 94,937 ICP
  • Duration - 14 days

III. IC Footprint SNS

  • Proposal Rejection Fee - 1000 FOOTPRINT
  • Initial Voting Period - 4 days
  • Wait for Quiet - 1 day
  • Minimum Neuron - 5 FOOTPRINT
  • Minimum Dissolve Delay - 1 month
  • Maximum Dissolve Delay - 2 years
  • Maximum Dissolve Delay Bonus - 100%
  • Maximum Age for Age Bonus - 6 months
  • Maximum Age Bonus - 25%
  • Reward Rate - 2.5%

IV. The DApp

IC Footprint consists of the following canisters

  • Frontend : owqnd-biaaa-aaaak-qidaq-cai
  • ESG Wallet : o7tg7-xaaaa-aaaak-qidba-cai
  • Node Management : jhfj2-iqaaa-aaaak-qddxq-cai
  • Cycles Assessment : z52ja-sqaaa-aaaak-aktda-cai

Off-chain code will be open-sourced at the moment of NNS Proposal, and will be reviewable on github.

V. IC Footprint’s Partnerships, Collaborations & Features

*IC Footprint is a project by Carbon Crowd

Partnerships & Collaborations

The Internet Computer Review

Adora Foundation



An excellent mission statement. Energy management and monitoring is global need that the IC platform could play a central role in if IC Footprint achieves its potential. Looking forward learning more!


Hello Icarus,

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll be sharing more about the unique potential we see for building IC native energy management systems. What’s more, we see huge potential in leveraging the IC technology stack as a USP as we move to commercialisation on other chains and verticals.

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This is an incredibly exciting announcement. I wholeheartedly support this initiative, and could not agree more that the decentralisation sale for IC Footprint represents a huge step towards building the world’s most advanced green cloud computing network.

The focus on fostering a collaborative, and commercially driven approach to decarbonizing ICP and Web3 more broadly aligns perfectly with C12’s values, and I look forward to actively participating in this groundbreaking project.

Fantastic work @orlhut & the Carbon Crowd team!