Internet Computer x Ecology

Hi everyone,

When I talk about the IC I get a lot bad returns around energy consumption concerns of another “blockchain”.
What should be the perfect response about those concerns ?

Do you have some numbers compared to PoW chains ? Or the carbon footprint of a simple app on the IC (1 canister front end +1 backend).

Thanks if you have any clues about ecology and the IC !

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energy on the IC is only consumed to carry out meaningful computation as opposed to POW chains. i don’t think there is an overview of the total consumption of the network right now. as the IC scales out and more nodes are added, it consumes more energy but also provides more capacity. the way it’s envisioned, the IC will be very close to the actual computational need of the overall system, meaning there won’t be a huge overcapacity of nodes that consume energy to provide unneeded computation.

i would say there isn’t that much of a difference in terms of energy consumption between hosting on the IC and traditional hosting. but maybe @enzo or @hansl have additional input?


My question is how do they plan to cope in the event of large unforseen & unplanned traffic to a canister? Let’s say a site or service gets popular overnight, if the IC is only running what it needs how can it quickly scale-up to handle?

I think there needs to be a degree of overprovisioning and probably serious multiple 100Gbps pipes serving each DC. I’m intrigued to see how they handle DDoS too.