Customize the frontend errors

I tried to follow the tutorial at Customize the frontend, with dfx 0.13.1 and node.js v18.15.0, but got errors with local “dfx deploy”.

I figured out the problem. The name of the background canister changed from custom_greeting to custom_greeting_backend. Need to change it in index.jsx.

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Thanks for the report! I made this PR to fix it

Thanks for the fix. Instead of fixing the instructions, why not fix dfx to create correct source code with dfx new?

Fair question. We changed from the model of having canisters project and project_assets to project_backend and project_frontend because people (especially newcomers) kept getting confused about which canister has what function, and how to map that to the well-known frontend/backend. Since making this change in the dfx new project structure, we got far less questions, so I’d like to keep the current structure and adapt documentation instead.