Create BOT for Dapp without API

Hello everyone, I’m looking for a solution to create a robot that would allow me to use an application on the Internet Computer, but which doesn’t have an API. Do you have any leads to suggest, knowing that the solution should be able to log in with the Internet Identity?
Thank you.

Here are the libraries (called agents) you can use to interact programmatically with the IC. Do you have a specific reason why you’d want to use Internet Identity? For most purposes all II does is give you an identifier. You can simply load a private key in your agent and you shouldn’t be restricted from interacting at all.

Can you elaborate? Every dapp has an API. It doesn’t have to be publicly published, but you probably could always sniff requests when you use it via other means

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Thanks Severin. I only use secure ID to log from the beginning and I forgot you could only use a private key… All works