Is it possible to create dapp without internet-identity login?

We hope to create a dapp that does not require internet-identity login, because we consider that it will be troublesome for users to log in using internet-identity on different devices, and there will also be the risk of user mnemonic leakage, so we hope to pass the container Self-built account system without requiring users to log in with internet-identity.
But when we test writing data, it prompts: “Fail to verify certificate”.
So in this case, how to bypass II login and realize data writing?

Of course it’s possible. For example, there’s uniswap on the IC for example Uniswap Interface

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How to do it, is there documentation or source code? I didn’t find the relevant official documentation yet.

Actually most of the examples don’t use Internet Identity (II), e.g. Home | Internet Computer

I don’t think the error you’re experiencing is related to II. Can you provide a bit more context?

Many thanks, similar question:;
The written interface may not be able to call the test through candid-ui. After viewing and testing the code of the “hello” example, it should be called using the js agent client bound with canisterId.
thank you very much!