Couldn’t send message

I am very happy to see the post of General Availability of Application Subnets. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time,
But when I tried to deploy using the dfx command line, it was normal when I created the canister, but I got an error when I entered dfx deploy

dfx deploy --network=ic

The invocation to the wallet call forward method failed with the error: An error happened during the call: 2: Couldn’t send message


If you haven’t already, you’ll need to first create a canister from ICP. You can do this from the nns app or from dfx (by transferring ICP to the account-id returned by dfx ledger account-id then dfx ledger --network ic create-canister <controller> --amount <icp amount>)
After this you can do dfx identity --network ic deploy-wallet <canister id> to deploy your cycles wallet.
Then you should be able to deploy your canisters

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Canister has been created, but dfx deploy failed

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May I have the result of dfx identity --network ic get-wallet

dfx identity --network ic get-wallet

The error is being caught in the wallet canister, and the error code is 2 which is

SYS_TRANSIENT (2): Transient system error, retry might be possible.

Are you consistently reproducing this/have you retried? This is interesting, haven’t seen this

Have been trying, but have been failing

I will try to reproduce on my end, what dfx version are you using?

laster new version 0.7.1

dfx wallet --network ic balance What is the cycle balance of your cycles wallet?

dfx wallet --network ic balance
37207495383 cycles.

Your cycle balance is 37 billion. The cost of creating a canister is 1T cycles. I’m surprised that you didn’t see an error like

The Replica returned an error: code 5, message: "Canister x6x47-ziaaa-aaaah-aaakq-cai attempted to send 11000000000000 cycles when only 10341424315024 were available in its balance"

Instead, you’re seeing error code 2 with can’t send message. Weird.

The canister has been created, and there are 1T cycles inside the canister

I just checked the canister deployed by others on rocks, it seems that it can’t be deployed. All are internal server error
May be the same as mine

Hm I’m still looking into this. Did you happen to create you canister from the wallet UI or with dfx? I believe you used dfx right?

My computer is mac os
Use the dfx command

Good news, my dfx deploy is successful, and I can recharge the wallet a little more cycles.
I’m very much obliged to you

The deploy succeeded? I took no action here so I can’t take any credit. I’m still chasing the root cause of the sys transient.
You didn’t do anything else but try to deploy again right?

The only operation I did was to recharge the wallet with 0.4 icp
Then it succeeded after redeploying

The deployment failed until the wallet was recharged

What is your wallet cycle balance now?