Cost to Attack ICP

This very interesting paper has recently come out analyzing the Cost to Attack Bitcoin and Ethereum. It provides insight into various types of attacks and provides a quantifiable cost in dollars to attack these networks.

My short conclusion from purusing the paper briefly is that these two networks are extremely resilient and have impressive levels of fortification against many attacks.

I don’t know if I can say the same for ICP. I think there are many impressive properties of the system, but I always wonder about the small replication factor and I never feel that ICP would hold up similarly to the level of resilience of Bitcoin or Ethereum.

But, I would love to be proven wrong, justified, or course-corrected.

It would be great to have a similar analysis done for ICP, a more formal deep-dive into the Cost to Attack ICP, focusing especially on subnet replication factor, ICP voting and distribution, acknowledging knowns and unknowns, centralization risks, etc.

This is a call for DFINITY or interested community members to do this analysis for me, I mean, the community at large of course.

@Manu @bjoern