Cooperation with Game developers

Cooperation with game developers

The BABYAROF project is a community-oriented project that needs programmers and those interested in making online games to realize more ideas and create more applications for the BABYAROF token.
In this content, in addition to expressing a simple and creative idea, we request help from programmers who are interested in creating a new idea in the field of game development.

Comprehensive explanation of BABYAROF token
BABYAROF token with DIP20 standard is a completely decentralized asset that is fully distributed and currently has more than 6 thousand holders.
This token does not charge any fees for transfers between wallets.
3% of the volume of BABYAROF tokens is deducted for each transaction of buying or selling BABYAROF tokens. 1% is burned and 2% is returned to the community with the help of the reward pool.

In this way, with the growth of BABYAROF token transactions, it is always added to the token’s support and subtracted from BABYAROF’s cash volume, and it can be expected that the intrinsic value of this asset will always grow.
One of the important goals of the BABYAROF project is to burn 90% of BABYAROF token liquidity.

Link an online game with BABYAROF token

Consider a simple game (chess and…) users connect with their wallets and can start playing… If they want, users can use the match option to start the game.

Users must pay 5,000 BABYAROF tokens to enter the contest section.
Users can start playing in the competition section and record their records in a transparent ledger.
At the end of each month or at the end of each day, 7 users who have recorded a higher record than other users can receive 95% of the total tokens collected from people entering the competition section.

In our opinion, 1% or 2% can be spent as the income of the game development team and 4 or 3% of the tokens can be burned.

This idea can make the game more interesting and also create more use for the BABYAROF token.

> If you are a game developer, we can definitely have a good cooperation, please send us your comments and let’s talk more if possible.

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Im trying to understand the use case/advantage of this token in the use of games over a game specific token. I understand that this is a memecoin and potentially has connections with other projects but is there an advantage of direct integration vs being able to trade for the BABYAROF token?
Is there a lot of participation in governance?
Is BABYAROF becoming a gaming centric DAO or is it a more broad DAO?
Also what is the difference between free transfers between wallets but a charge for buying/selling? is it just through an exchange there is a fee?
On a tokenomics level where does the BABYAROF get its value/utility? Does the value come from just buying/selling/speculation or is there investment into this project from parties to achieve a common goal?

Any information is helpful. It’s always interesting to see project’s plans and strategies.

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Greetings and courtesy.

The BABYAROF project started from the beginning with the sale of AROF artworks, every fund that was attracted has always been spent on development. Therefore, BABYAROF is a completely community-oriented project that has grown without the involvement of any large capital.

What is the difference between the BABYAROF token and a special game token? Let’s be realistic, +90% of projects that develop game tokens do not have a good tokennomics structure, and this is due to a lack of sufficient knowledge of the financial structure.
But BABYAROF’s Tokonomics situation is not such that the price can cause bankruptcy of the society.
Another difference is that +90% of Altcoin tokens, especially game tokens, are not decentralized at all, the developer can reduce the pool whenever he wants without the community feeling it, so this is also a feature of BABYAROF token. which is completely decentralized.

BABYAROF was born with the motto of freedom for all society, and BABYAROF’s initial goals were to pump the largest ICP network, as well as to form the BABYAROF army.
so that the slogan of freedom remains anonymous in history and in the hands of society for future generations.

Small tokens or so called memecoins cause loss to users and die when the demand for them runs out. Therefore, they should either consider applications or abandon the project.

We are taking action to use sns, also until today with the help of ICPswap tools and NFT collections, we were able to program conditions for users to develop every action by voting and in a community-oriented way.

When BABYAROF was at its peak we had over 400 contributors to polling events, but today our polls have between 70 and 80 contributors who are core members of BABYAROF. Old users will come back when BABYAROF is seen again.

We increase the attraction for the community in the lottery events and create an interesting entertainment for the users, we have good friends in the ICP blockchain who always support us and with their help we can bring BABYAROF to the top again.

Token fee structure: In the BABYAROF token algorithm, no fee is charged for transferring tokens, you can transfer several million BABYAROF tokens with zero fees.

But for any transaction such as swap or loading tokens in the pool, 3% of the volume of BABYAROF tokens will be deducted.
To link the token with the game, the token transfer template can be used so that users do not have to pay fees again.

Note, users can never use the maximum limit option to sell tokens, but must keep 3% of the sales transaction volume and sell the rest, in this case, there will always be some BABYAROF left in the wallets. If you wish, we can We will send you some tokens to test.

The last point: the development team keeps less than 5% of the cash, it is our wish that BABYAROF will reach a position where it can be widely recognized and achieve great success.
BABYAROF is really like our baby that we have been developing day and night for the past year.

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