Request for support of the BABYAROF project

Greetings to the members of the ICP community

We are here formally requesting support from the elders of the ICP community…

The BABYAROF community has been active in the ICP blockchain for more than a year and has done many supportive collaborations with the ICP community in the past year.

As explained, the BABYAROF project has gone through many difficulties and today the BABYAROF token is one of the most decentralized assets on the ICP blockchain.

We will fully explain a development plan to the ICP community and hope to receive your approval and support.

Current status of the BABYAROF project

After the last voting on the ICPswap platform we implemented new rules and changes for the BABYAROF project.

Today, the entire BABYAROF project is summarized in three NFT collections and one token with DIP20 standard

We are always trying to decentralize the structure of the project, we have tools in the ICPswap platform to run polls with the help of NFTs and to be as community-driven as possible for the development of the project.

Currently, the BABYAROF token is fully decentralized with the DIP20 standard, and the development team holds less than 5% of all liquidity.

BABYAROF token is one of the most decentralized tokens with DIP20 standard in ICP blockchain.
The BABYAROF token controller is black holed and it is impossible to make changes to the token structure.
We have also burned all liquidity documents created on the ICPswap platform to remove control of the pool from the team’s hands and make withdrawals impossible.

Status of currently distributed tokens

The status of distributed tokens is as follows (at the time of writing this content):
BABYAROF token with a maximum liquidity of 110 million tokens
42 million tokens are locked in the liquidity pool
+15 million tokens have been burned
+13 million tokens are locked in the ICPswap claim section
-5 million is available to the development team
+1.5 million tokens are locked in the pool with the EXT standard, this pool is inactive and this liquidity can be considered burnt
+1.7 million tokens are locked in the GHOST token pool
The rest of the liquidity is at the disposal of the community

BABYAROF token with DIP20 standard has +6000 holders, which is a significant part of DSCVR platform users

Proposing to create more uses for the token

Proposing to create more uses for the token

In this regard, we proposed a lottery plan, which was approved by the community. The lottery plan, with the help of creating a NFT collection and token structure, will increase the price of the token and also create attractiveness for the community and can increase the number of token transactions, which is a point. This idea is golden.

But if the BABYAROF project succeeds in linking with a blockchain game, it can unveil a guaranteed plan.

The important point of BABYAROF token:

BABYAROF token does not charge any fees for transferring between wallets…
But the BABYAROF token deducts 3% of the transaction volume from BABYAROF tokens for every transaction such as swap and deposit in the pool.

These deducted amounts, 1% is burned and 2% is returned to the society in the next stage with the help of the pool.
In this structure, BABYAROF token’s support is always increasing compared to BABYAROF tokens’ liquidity, and with the growth of the transaction, it can guarantee profitability for the loyal community.

What is the offer now?
If the BABYAROF team can connect with a game on the ICP blockchain, it can be very interesting…
Suggestion: Let’s say we have an online game, to enter this game you need to spend 5000 BABYAROF tokens - what happens to this received money?

1% of the income of the game development team - 4% will be burned - 95% will be distributed among the 7 users who beat the game record at the end of the month. (In this offer, the BABYAROF development team does not ask for income, and only 4% token burning is enough in this way)

Application for participation in SNS

One request from the BABYAROF community is more credit and decentralization. If BABYAROF can be listed on NNS it would be great for many, the issue is that BABYAROF cannot change its standard… because the liquidity pools are not available to the development team. Regarding complete decentralization and use of SNS, we are eager to hear suggestions from the elders of the ICP community.

The BABYAROF team has uploaded short and useful tutorials on their website so that any new user can learn how to work with the ICP structure.



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Truly tremendous, the icp ecosystem is so unique and coming under such a unique chain as babyarof is awesome cus it will flourish

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