Configure Custom Domain

Hello all,

I am trying to get a custom domain setup but I keep getting this:


My github is here:

Any help would be appreciated.

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my guess is that your .ic-assets.json file has a ‘5’ at the end

I think it wont include the .well-known since that name is off and then you get that error

Why has every project I created got an ic-assets.json5 if having this 5 at the end of the file is so bad?

I didn’t add the 5, dfx new did.

Indeed curl -l does not return the expected domain.

When you npm run build, does your dist folder contains a ./well-known/ic-domains file?


Yeah I’ve managed to get it to create the folder by making the following adjustment in my webpack:

The issue was solved as following:

  • remove 5 from .ic-assets.json5.ic-assets.json as @Gekctek suggested
  • remove duplicate files .ic-assets.json within repo (there was one in src and two in assets folder)
  • keep a single .ic-assets.json in src/frontend/assets
  • move src/.well-known to src/frontend/assets/.well-known
  • update webpack.config to copy both assets/.ic-assets.json and assets/.well-known to dist folder

After clean-up and re-deploy, OP was able to order the custom domain.

P.S.: Since this is the second or third time this week that I provide support for the exact same issue, I would like to mention that this issue never occurs in Juno, where the configuration is automatically set for the developer.