Compare replica version between local and mainnet

Probably a silly question, but is there a way to figure out what “dfx version” IC mainnet runs? For example, if my code works locally on dfx 0.10.0, can I be assured that it will work when deployed on mainnet?

Generally, there are not many major differences between the versions in terms of what can run on the IC. If we hear that there are problems arising from the version discrepancy between mainnet and the latest version of dfx, we’d try to push out a new dfx release ASAP. Also AFAIK, there’s still people out there developing on dfx 0.7.?? and I haven’t really heard any complaints of deployments failing because of version discrepancies.

To figure out which version of the replica (that’s what we call the software bundle running on the IC nodes) is run with dfx start, you can look at the changelog in the ‘Replica’ section.

To see which version is running on the individual subnets, you can go to the IC dashboard. In the Releases section, you can see which versions are eligible to be deployed to subnets. And under Governance you can see the proposals to update subnets to a new version of the replica, e.g. proposal 59488.


Hello, my project was hosted locally and it works fine. But when deployed it to the mainnet, it looks different. Some functions do not work as well. What should I do? Thanks.