CLARIFICATION: Unable to setup following for `ExecuteGenericNervousSystemFunction`

I am unable to setup following for neurons using quill for the type of ExecuteGenericNervousSystemFunction

I am using the latest quill version, 0.4.2. Here:

When I try to execute the follow-neuron subcommand, it only has options for add-generic-nervous-system-function and remove-generic-nervous-system-function but doesn’t have anything for execute.


Tagging @Severin since I believe he’s the person to ping for dfx and related CLI tooling :slight_smile:

$ quill sns follow-neuron --help
    quill sns follow-neuron [OPTIONS] <--type <TYPE>|--function-id <FUNCTION_ID>> [...]

As you can see (at least once you have heard of it working this way…) the command takes either a type like add-generic-nervous-system-function or a function id. Types are the pre-configured proposal types, and function ids are for the generic functions that were added via proposals.

So you’d first want to figure out the id of the function you want to set up following for, and then use quill sns follow-neuron --function-id <id>. To figure out the id, call list_nervous_system_functions on the governance canister (e.g. here for BOOM DAO) to list the functions along with their ids.

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Thank you for the explanation. Let me try

EDIT: This worked flawlessly. Thank you @Severin

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