ckERC or Emblem Vault style app to move IC-based NFTs to ETH chain and vice versa?

hi does anyone know of anyway where an NFT created on the IC can be locked and re-instantiated on an ETH based chain?

Sort of like how BTC/XCP based assets can be moved between BTC and ETH so that they can be listed and traded on OpenSea?

Or if I have an ERC based NFT how can I move it to the IC? I found this but it mentions nothing about erc20 nor about ERC NFTs standards


XP.Network is a cross-chain bridge for NFTs that has integrated ICP: ICRC-7 Internet Computer NFT Standard | Welcome to the XP.NETWORK Docs

In addition, there’s the following PoC by @b3hr4d and using chain-key Signatures (threshold ECDSA) implemented during a hackathon: GitHub - b3hr4d/cknft

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