ckBTC can be transferred only to principals?

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Can we transfer ckBTC to accounts or only to Principals ?


The ckBTC canister follows the ICRC-1 standard, so it allows transfers to accounts.

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Can’t transfer ckBTC to account id using plug-wallet as well as ICPSwap
Buttons are disabled meaning not possible?

Screenshot from 2023-06-20 18-37-45

It can be only transferred to Principals yes or a Principal with a sub-account attached to it. The account type of ckBTC (and other ICRC-1) tokens is an object:

type Account = record { owner : principal; subaccount : opt Subaccount; };

and if there is a subaccount it looks something like this:


This is different to ICP account IDs which is a Hex encoded Account type (like the one you showed). ICRC-1 accounts are encoded differently.

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Thanks for the reply.

Is there any example in the repository ?