Can we deploy a relational database on a canister?

hi there,
we are working on a project in which we need a relational database service, so I want to know if we can deploy a relational database on a canister?



If your question is something like: Take an existing database and compile it or just deploy it in a canister, then I think the answer is no. Also, a database that uses a classic protocol will not be compatible with the technology.
The technology proposed by Dfinity can (probably) solve your need, but I think you have to approach it using its features rather than trying to include a centralized approach like a relational database is designed for.
That said, nothing is impossible, but it doesn’t seem to me to be ideal if you absolutely want an RDBMS.

You can create a relational database on the IC yes. My project Sudograph is probably the most well-featured relational database on the IC so far: GitHub - sudograph/sudograph: GraphQL database for the Internet Computer


thanks for ur answer.
Fully agree with ur point of view, all we need is some kinds of data services, rather than specific software.


Thank you for remembering this project, although it only covers a part of the functionality that can be associated with the general concept of relational databases.

But yes, it is a possibility

thanks, let me have a try.

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What features would you say are missing?

You can also use GitHub - HassenSaidi/IC_sqlite: Port of the SQL database engine SQLite to the Internet Computer a port of SQLite to the IC.

– Hassen


awsome! SQLite is enough~

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Let me know if you run into issues using it.

My first response took this into account

It is for this reason, I started with “if” to specify the scope of my answer.

It was later clarified that the need was rather, which makes your suggestion perfectly valid.

Finally, to answer your question:

I don’t want to evaluate the project on its quality or relevance, I just associated in my mind what I mean by RDBMS and the “Major limitations” section of the readme. I still think it’s not a good approach to associate relational database concept with Dfinity technologies as proposed today.