Need database setup idea, I'm using Rust and React

Guys, need your help here. We are looking to build out a website that we hope will have man users and publish content, we need a setup solution, we heard about CanDB, but I also hear it can’t be used since we are using Rust, I haven’t tried as yet, though it would be independent of the language I used for my backend as say MangoDB would…are there any suggestions? Having a database would of course save us loads of money in the long run, plus it’s scale. Let me know your suggestions. Thankx.


I am also looking for the best open-sourced DB. let me know if you find it.

I haven’t personally tried it out yet, but perhaps you could explore ICSQLite @FroghubMan ?

Alternatively, not sure it works out, maybe Dino ?

I haven’t tried it neither. Knows about these because Denny opened a feature request in Juno in which he listed these options.


I have tried ic-sqlite, it works fine.


I think you can use candb with rust too.
you can deploy the candb canister separately which will act as db for you.
and then calls to the db will performed using inter canister call. also there might be need of little bit of modification to the candb to restrict the calls to only some canister.


Thanks guys, we will check these options.