Can I use Trezor as a second factor to securely use the internet identity?

Is my understanding correct on how to securely use the Internet Identity with an offline hardware device?

As far as I know, ledger is already fully integrated but I’m hesitant to buy yet another hardware device.
Could I instead use Trezor as a second factor? I’d basically set up a new internet identity that is not backed up by any seed phrase and add only Trezor as a second factor. I assume that would imply I could use Trezor’s seed to regain access in case I’d lose the original device?
The only additional thing I’d need to securely store somewhere would be the identity anchor.

Another way would be that I just add, let’s say 3 yubikeys to the II and securely store them somewhere, but I do prefer a piece of paper somehow.

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I have a Trezor as my recovery device and it works fine.
The identity anchor as far as I know is not something you need to store it securely but you just need to know it in order to login.