Can I query the NNS by date/time of creation in order to find a neuron?

My Internet ID was stolen from me and I’m in the process of writing a proposal to freeze the two neurons that I had. I don’t know the ID of one of them. But I do know the transaction that created it and the date/time of creation. Can I query the NNS to find it by those parameters? If so, how? Thank you.

I don’t think there is a way to filter by date.

You can list neurons that are readable by you by using include_neurons_readable_by_caller, but I guess you already saw that, and it doesn’t solve your problem.

If you know the destination subaccount where the ICP was sent/is kept, you can use get_(full_neuron|neuron_info)_by_id_or_subaccount.

I’m not sure what kind of proposal you plan to make. Never heard of a proposal that “freezes” a neuron.

Unfortunately this neuron was stolen from me. He stole my Internet Identity. I guess the only way that I could track that down would be if he kept the same ID? I took a look at the github link that you sent me. And I do see the part of the code that executes that. But I am a complete newbie with this kind of stuff. How/where is that run, in order to do a search? Thank you.

You can make the calls that I suggested via this Dashboard page.