How to discover all neurons on IC

Where can I find information about all neurons created on the Internet Computer? I’ve already checked the governance canister, and it seems that we can retrieve details about a specific neuron if we have its ID or view neurons created by a user. However, is there a method to obtain a comprehensive list of all neurons generated on the IC?

For instance, on the dashboard (Neurons - ICP Dashboard), there’s a list of neurons, but it appears that not all neurons are included. Some are missing, especially when a new neuron is created via the NNS, as it doesn’t automatically appear on the dashboard.

I’m curious about the process by which the dashboard discovers and updates information about new neurons. Any insights would be appreciated.

Hi @jaesharma,

Please have a look at this thread: Roadblocks We've Hit Building - The Ultimate IC Voting Power Dashboard

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When someone searches (or navigates to the URL of) a valid NNS neuron ID on the ICP Dashboard, then that neuron is looked up on the NNS and added to the dashboard’s list of neurons. Apart from neurons with an ID below 5000, all neurons on the dashboard were discovered in this way.

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@Dylan @domwoe ok. this makes sense. so in this case we must have neuron ids in process to fetch neuron details and dashboard itself have neuron listed which have been looked by someone.

can you help me understand how neuron IDs are generated. Specifically, I’m interested in understanding whether these IDs are generated randomly or if they have any dependency on the principal of the neuron owner. Despite my exploration in the repository, I couldn’t locate the exact method by which the generation of neuron IDs is determined.

I can’t point to any sources, but AFAIK they are completely random with the purpose of keeping votes/stakes anonymous