Can anybody help me find out what happened with dmail?

Anybody have more info about Dmail ?
Frontend, backend, where is hosted ?
Why they promote BNB ?

Thank you !

4 Likes You can check it out here. They are still using ICP, they just integrate with other chains as well, including BNB


Is there a tech stack architecture overview of Dmail anywhere?

Dmail still heavily leverages IC. They host a few thousand canisters on IC.

They are multichain and hence they have smart contracts on multiple chains including Binance Smart Chain (BNB). A smart contract on BNB produces a identifier (address) for BNB and this is then mapped to IC principal ID in all cases. All emails are stored on-chain in IC canisters.

This is a great example of how IC is being leveraged as the “crypto cloud” for various multichain use cases.


My take is that China is a superb market for privacy-first applications. Remember the Proton story? When the tech stack is centralized, a court order means handing out customer data, period. When the tech stack is truly decentralized even when run by a business entity, a court order cannot enforce data disclosure thanks to cryptography.


There are many reasons.

One could also say that builders do not want to associate with DFINITY to ruin their reputation due to DFINITYs actions. We know a few teams who operate this way. No one experienced wants to be directly affiliated with DFINITY because of the horrible reputation DFINITY has earned for itself due to its actions.

Either way multichain approach is a smart choice. They seem to understand advantages of decentralization and interoperability.

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This is a general misconception because ICP being a permissioned blockchain, it is more susceptible to lawsuits and government enforcement.

Its important to understand that there is no promise of data protection or a promise of zero platform risk by DFINITY. DFINITY can throw you under the bus any day if it wants to and there is nothing stopping them. Unlike AWS, DFINITY is not legally bound to certain laws or agreement.

One simple example would be

Imagine if really bad bad bad actors use on chain encryption. NNS could still choose to decrypt the data if it crumbles under external pressure and extreme legal liabilities.

Practically, right now AWS is more resilient and secure compared to ICP. It will be so as long as there is poor DAO infrastructure, loopholes, dependencies by DFINITY, centralized voting power distribution.

Regardless of what any piece of propaganda says, ICP has a “Nakamoto Coefficient” of 1 or 2

it means 1 or 2 malicious organizations can easily 51% attack NNS DAO [ we have seen this with Spam proposals and reward siphoning ]

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I personally respect Dfinity a lot. Let’s get that out of the way. Now the technology part:

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Certain cryptographic methods ensure that no single “admin” can hand over data to a legal entity. That’s not the invention of any chain out there. It’s cryptographers. Chain builders spec out those scientific papers, implement solid software engineering, and apply operational excellence in servers & security etc. Dfinity has a team, so does Polkadot, so does Solana. Oh, they also have foundations in Switzerland. I as a builder am focusing on my product idea, trying to make it just work, let alone find Product Market Fit in a year, but most likely much longer.

Let me remind you again that these Human Cryptographers are the only ones maintaining and developing the network.

This cryptographic organization dictates the network however it wants. I do not wanna get banned like my friends here so I won’t be diving deep into this topic. Its not an opinion, its evidence based fact and there are many posts in this forum you can read to learn this.

NNS becomes the Single Point of Failure for ICP so it becomes everybody’s problem regardless of what they are building on IC.

A simple rough analogy would be

“NNS is the backdoor of DFINITY’s “blockchain”. Having backdoor on a blockchain is contradictory because blockchains are a security technology leveraged to reduce unwanted trust assumptions. Root of DFINITYs problems could be traced back to design and existence of NNS”

We will eventually publish detailed research articles…

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Stay Informed and Connected with Intelligent and Secure Messaging.

Dmail Network is an AI-powered decentralized communication infrastructure built to provide encrypted emails, unified notifications, and targeted marketing across multiple chains and dApps for users, developers, marketers and influencers.

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