Make external (non-IC) HTTP request from backend canister?

Hello. I’m looking to build an application that I would need to poll various external servers from a backend canister at fixed time intervals to fetch user data, and then store the result of that get request in my canister’s database, after processing it and doing a few other things.

Is this possible to achieve right now with the IC? If not, does anyone know if there are any plans to?


… and also

Unrelated question: does anyone have a link to a working Rust build setup example? I am running into so many OpenSSL compilation errors where it can’t find any c_long c_void etc. types from the openssl-sys crate for some reason. Think it’s related to openssl wasm-target support? This is specifically when I try to dfx deploy, I can build with cargo fine.

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hey @shan ! welcome to the forum and great first question. maybe this helps for the first part? the whole thread might be of interest for you.

for the second part maybe @lastmjs can help?


he’s building this with rust


Ooh, thank you! I’ll take a look :slight_smile: