Biometric fallback

Hi all,

When i created my II back in 2021 i linked my trezor one hardware wallet for extra security.
Now more and more Dapps on the IC are getting mobile and i can’t login with my II because the hardware wallet is not possible on my phone.

Is het possible to have a fallback login on our II for example a biometric login, kinda like MFA has a fallback when you don’t have access to the authenticator app?

Or is there already a way to login with my II on my phone?

Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:

Seems i’m the only one with this problem… :sweat_smile:

This guide should help you! You’ll need to have your trezor wallet, a desktop browser, and your mobile phone with biometrics enabled

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Awesome! Exactly what needed. :sunglasses:

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