Beta Testing ICPipeline

Hello Internet Computer Forum. We are ICPipeline and have been here since the launch of the mainnet almost 2 years ago.

We are building tools for developers, like you, and honestly said, like us.

We have been the proud recipients of multiple Dfinity Developer grants, and have recently finalized our last milestone.

Our ask, and open conversation is how to get small groups of beta testing efforts organized in a decentralized environment, especially for utilities and tooling. The recent Motoko Bootcamp was actually a great enforcer of the collective willingness to partcipate and pay-it-forward, so to speak.

We posted a medium on the subject:

And are calling for folks to participate in our testing effort next week.

You can sign up here:

If any of the readers on this forum want a better toolset to develop multiple interconnected canister projects, or even just a straightforward 2 canister setup, from development, all the way to production with repeatable, scriptable deployments, then please help us out.

We have dedicated the last year building what we have to show you and, though it still needs more, it can start helping your developers and your project today.

Just ask if you have any questions and/or if you have other thoughts on how teams can request of the community to prepare the best-in-market products on the IC … it’s in our collective best interest, yours and ours.

It should also be known that we are willing participants for any other project that wants, or needs honest, blunt and ideally productive feedback from other IC engineers/architects … just let us know.