Developer Forum Update - May 12

Hello to our Developer Forum community,

First of all, from everyone at our team: THANK YOU!! Your response has been overwhelmingly positive and we want to assure you that the team is reading and taking note of every single post in the forums as you all start your Mercury Beta mainnet journey.

We wanted to reach out and leave a few comments on behalf of the Developer Experience team regarding the current state of triaging post-launch items:

  • As you might imagine, our core engineering team is fully active monitoring and maintaining mainnet. We are having a tremendous amount of interest (and API calls) on mainnet, and ensuring that all systems remain healthy and functional is the team’s #1 priority.
  • Your input is extremely valuable to us! Please continue to build, engage, explore, and collaborate with your fellow community members. We will keep reading and supporting you. Your posts, support tickets, and bug reports are essential to ensuring that our team is aware of all the active issues on mainnet and can triage accordingly.
  • Any launch of this size is inevitably going to have to go into triage mode. Our team is identifying the most critical network issues and prioritizing those. As a result, unfortunately some bugs or gaps in documentation may be lower on the triage ladder. We appreciate your understanding - again, we are reading all the comments, even if we can’t respond immediately!
  • We are updating code and documentation continuously in response to your feedback and questions.

Some notes about this forum:

  • Remember that this is a developer forum. We understand there is an immense amount of interest in the ICP token, governance, and the staking process; however, discussions regarding tokens are against our forum code of conduct. We will begin to lock forum posts that veer too far away from developer discussion.
  • If you are having Support Issues, please be sure to open a ticket! Our support teams are working 24 hours a day to give our broader community the best experience possible.
  • If you’ve got a question, please check our Developer Center documentation. There are a lot of resources available (the search functionality works pretty well!), and you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that your question is answered in the documentation.
  • You can help support the Developer Experience team by using the “Mark as Solution” feature on topics that have been solved. When possible, please avoid “bumping” posts that are older than 3 months or which have already been marked as “Solved”. There are many forum responses that might not be applicable to current versions of DFX - As a result, we would prefer you create a new topic rather than resurrect an old one.

Thanks again to everyone who has been a part of the journey so far, and if you are a newbie: welcome!


The Developer Experience team